Policosanol Side Effects

To determine the efficacy and also the safety of polycosanol a number of studies as well as research has already been conducted on animals and humans as well. Research is ongoing to understand Policosanol side effects and maximum benefits of using this natural supplement. When rats were administered mega doses of this natural supplement which otherwise a human would take, it was found that toxicity levels were not indicated. Besides rats, experiments were also conducted on dogs as well as monkeys and were given mega doses of Policosanol for a long term and it was found that the toxic levels were very low.

Large doses to be avoided:

Even rodents were given large doses, no cancer resulted in them. As far as metabolism of drugs is concerned it was found that this natural supplement does not interfere with it at all. In certain patients it has been seen that they suffer from Policosanol  side effects like loss of weight, while others experience polyuria or excess or frequent urination, headaches were experienced by some of the patients, etc. Besides this few other side effects have also been experienced by individuals like constipation, increase in appetite termed as polyphagia, dizziness, nervousness, excitability, somnolence, epigastric pain, hypotension, rash on skin, hypertension and diarrhea.

  • Numbness in legs and arms

Studies also indicate that certain individuals could also experience Policosanol side effects like numbness in the legs and arms, change in speech and vision as well.

  • Stop consumption if needed

It is important to remember not to ignore harmful effects at all. A good idea would be to immediately stop the consumption of this natural supplement called polycosanol.

  • Interactions with other drugs could be serious

In case you have been taking this drug with other kinds of pharmaceutical drugs then the interactions that could result could be very serious indeed.


Consider allergic reactions:

It is for this reason that it is advisable to understand Policosanol side effects and contact a doctor or a health provider first and then only administer this natural supplement on yourself. It is also very necessary to find out if at all any kind of allergic reactions are caused due to misuse or not as some people are very sensitive to medications of certain kinds. It is through various studies, that is has been possible to find out an approximate dosage, and it is due to this that the doctor’s advice is strictly necessary. Risk of bleeding increases in case an overdose of polycosanol is taken.

Internal bleeding in the body can prove to be a dangerous Policosanol side effect and hence it is vital to take care and stick to an appropriate dosage and avoid overdose. Research also indicates that polycosanol can be taken in combination with other drugs like ulcer drugs, calcium antagonists, diuretics, anti anxiety drugs, thyroid hormones, vasodilators, antidepressants, diuretics, etc. The synthesis of cholesterol gets blocked by a mechanism called polycosanol. As compared to statin drugs, this natural supplement is considered to be much more beneficial to the human body.

Policosanol Effects

It is good to note that a substance called Policosanol obtained from the sugarcane plant proves to be very beneficial to health. A lot of people have the understanding that sugar is not very good for the health. In fact a large number of people avoid considering Policosanol. However it must be noted that polycosanol can also be one of the best solutions for your health. This substance or natural supplement has been well researched upon since many years and it has been found that it is rich in minerals and multivitamins.

Provides the right kind of effect:

The sugarcane plant is able to provide just the right quantity of nutrients that your body needs and in turn not only save life but also add a good number of years to your life as well for which Policosanol effects need to be understood well. A particular nutrient is available from sugarcane which is termed as polycosanol. Since the process of synthesis is not done by the body, an external option like polycosanol is needed. Popularity of this nutrient has increased to a great extent and it is for its good effects that there is a range of products sold in the market out of which one of the most popular ones sold is polycosanol.

A large number of manufacturers these days sell many kinds of natural supplements which in turn gets very confusing for the consumer.

  • Conduct research

Most of the manufactures may make a direct claim that their products are the best and have positive effects however you will need to conduct an extensive research first before purchasing the final product.

  • Selecting a genuine product

Besides the sugarcane plant, polycosanol is also obtained from beehives as well and sold in the market as genuine polycosanol. However it is important to note Policosanol effects and that the wax obtained from sugarcane is much more effective and clinical trials have been able to prove this successfully.

Sugarcane wax polycosanol only:

Some of the natural supplements may contain octacosanol and not polycosanol but are sold in the market at a cheaper rate and could have certain side effects.  This is because of the fact that it is obtained from beehives and not sugarcane. The Policosanol effects of taking polycosanol are many, with some of them being positive and some of them being negative. It is able to arrest cholesterol levels well which is considered as one of the main benefits of polycosanol intake. Bad cholesterol is termed as LDL or low density lipoprotein whereas good cholesterol is termed as HDL or high density lipoprotein.

Polycosanol maintains a proper balance between the LDL and HDL in the body. The formation of lesion as well is prevented in the arteries and in turn it ensures smooth flowing of blood as well with negative effects avoided in turn. If a holistic approach is adopted like having proper nutritional supplements along with a healthy diet, taking care of cardiac related issues can only get easier with positive Policosanol effects.